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Alone Is What I Have. (2013) …alone protects me.

Sherlock art. Mechanical pencil, lots of coffee, and Photoshop.

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experiment by ladunya

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"The Imitation Game" - Opening Night Gala

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Sherlock - 
just a quick drawing, I’m sorry about the terrible photo

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The lonely - Sherlock by Mi-caw-ber

Broken pieces of
A barely breathing story
Where there once was love
Now there’s only me
And the lonely…

Birthday present for my friend Loki

Size: A4
Time needed:2 hours
Medium: 0,5 mechanical pencil
Mood: Can’t.stop.drawing.Benedict.   
Music: Christina Perri - The lonely, Hybrid - Falling Down

Thanks for watching!

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Memories from 221B (aka 39 days until December 15th)


Quick sketch of the Cumberbum Sherlock.

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this is for thankyoubbcsherlock!

this is a selection of drawings I’ve done, from most recent to oldest, since I started drawing again a little over a year ago. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the creators, actors, and everyone associated with Sherlock (not to mention all the wonderful artists in the fandom on tumblr) for the inspiration to pick up art supplies and make art again, after not doing it for so long. I really, really needed it. I am not very eloquent, but you make a fantastic show that inspires creativity, hope, and expression in others and makes an important difference in people’s lives. Not only that, but you make it with so much beauty, quality, and attention to detail. Never forget how important and worthwhile your work is. All your awards (and the ones no doubt to come) are well deserved. Thank you again for making such a thing of beauty.

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Resolute - Sherlock/His Last Vow.

This scene speaks to me, so much so that I had to paint it. He only has one option to uphold his vow to his best friend, and right or wrong, he remains resolute in that decision. Perhaps not a hero, but loyal nonetheless. And for a friend to do that for you is heroic, in my opinion. Wonderful television!

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sorry but i just want to wake up to this okay

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JW: …So why did you want me to wear my uniform again?

SH: *slightly distracted* .. well, explaining it would take too long, John. It’s for a case, obviously!

Entry for #letsdrawsherlock: Alternative Fashion Styles!
(John wearing a uniform similar to Major James Sholto’s)

Umm……swoons into Regency style faint……smelling salts…..and sniffing John’s uniform….might have to fight Sherlock for that privilege….

I will love you for all times




John Watson sketch page #2 - sketched from screenshots.

In my dreams, just once — I’d like to draw like this. It would feel like flying, I think.

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«ƒancy and ƿale »