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johnlock meme: richard siken’s crush  [as inspired by x]

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happy wedding day~! john will take care of a bit pooped sherlock after dancing a lot~ (it’s a bit lewd hehe uhm)


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Bloody hell! Close that damn curtain and come back to bed Sherlock!

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Benedict Cumberbatch by me :)

I used this charcoal brush for CS5 to make this, I love the grainy texture it gives, and the faint hint of folded paper (the lines you can see on the ‘paper’). For the hair and some edges, and the pin stripes I used a standard brush.

Again no link as this is the first place I’ve posted it.

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“My work is for the public and my life is for myself”.

this is beautiful omg

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coloring study.

This is incredibly beautiful and so so so Benedict. His eyes are so blue and pale and green and transparent and oh god don’t know what to say any more. Evan, how can you draw something like this. 


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A gift done for another dear friend and fellow cookie :D This painting was fun teehee. No smudging this time round. Was experimenting with a slightly different technique. Enjoy :P

Done in Photoshop on a Wacom Intuos5.

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♦The Great Game AU
- where Sherlock shoots the bomb and they land in the pool. Sherlock got hit by something and slowly sinks to the ground - unconscious. John tries to save him - just in time..

Terrifying and gorgeous.


Benny <3

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This man is utterly ridiculous.

And I love it.

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If you tuck the name of a loved one
under your tongue too long 
without speaking it 
it becomes blood

—Naomi Shihab Nye, from “Hidden” (via ahuntersheart)

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Third piece of my new series of drawings: a moving scene of The Sign of Three. Oh, Sherlock - what a wonderful friend you are.

Some lovely people asked me the title of the mysterious song that is inspiring me to draw these pieces; be patient, I’m going to reveal it soon!

Please, don’t repost! Just reblog, thanks! :)

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sherlock by ~dotdodoe

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Sherlock - Splash of Colours

24x32, watercolour

First artwork of 2014. I am actually proud of this :’)

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