Just finished suffering through the well-written whump-fest torturific Ten Days, and I really, really just need some fluff.

Fluffy John-is-happy and everything is perfect fluffy fluff. 


  1. persian-slipper said: I can read whump, but only if there is comfort to go with my hurt. Comfort y/n?
  2. justgot1 said: I dwelled in belovedmuerto’s experiment in empathy & experiment in apathy series for a couple of days in order to enjoy the cuddly fluff because of reasons.
  3. youcantsaymylastname said: archiveofourown.org/wor… archiveofourown.org/wor… I just realized that I don’t bookmark fluffy. Is that bad?
  4. mojoflower said: Read Home and Dry by BeautifulFic (archiveofourown.org/wor…). It’s short, but sweet. I’m all sad and angsty, and read it last night, and it’ll make you happy and snuggly for a little while! Blanket!fic! Who knew that was a category
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