She entered his life without knocking, as one might step into the wrong room because of its vague resemblance to one’s own. She stayed there forgetting the way out and quietly getting used to the strange creatures she found there and petted despite their amazing shapes.

Vladimir Nabokov - “The Real Life Of Sebastian Knight”  (via irisrukka)

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Title: The Funeral Artist: Band Of Horses 61,559 plays

I’m coming up only 
To hold you under 
I’m coming up only 
To show you wrong 

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shit you guys


the FBI is on to me


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I’m in that weird space where I’m spending so much time online but not really talking to anybody and it’s making me lonely. So tell me what the best part of your day was today. <3

(I think for me it was the quick, unexpected chat hello from ajournalofimpossiblethings, hi doll!)





why can’t I find anyone else who finds this as funny as I do?


I just played it like ten times till my bf shut my laptop on my fingers.


My favourite scene from tgg with a slight *ahem* alteration.
John and Sherlock drawn with ink on paper. The rest is my first sad attempt at editing. I have problems with backgrounds ;_;

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Sometimes when I need to smile, I google that ridiculously amazing name…I usually find beautiful photos but sometimes, sometimes I find gold.

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entertainment weekly

"martin sees the mannequin without a pocket square and is like ‘don’t worry i’ll save you from this hell’" (via forsciencejohn)


The Wedding speech first draft, before Lestrade intervened 

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You know that sherlock would never have laughed if John had fucked up his proposal to him he would just have waited 

he *is* waiting

John woke before Sherlock, which made sense since John caught a few catnaps during the last case when Sherlock went about 56 hours straight without. It was the best kind of morning, really. They had nothing planned for the day, Sherlock would be content without a case for a bit, and the would just stoke the fire, order in unhealthy food and catch a day of rest. John stroked one hand through Sherlock’s mess of curls were the detective’s head rested on his doctor’s chest. Sherlock’s hand reached over John’s torso and held his wrist in a loose grasp. John lay there for close to an hour just enjoying the quiet and the warmth of Sherlock wrapped around him. 

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he inhaled his scent. he smelled of (ingredient 1), (ingredient 2) and something undefinable, that was uniquely (name of buttsex partner)

every single fanfiction uploaded in the last two years oh my god  (via brood-of-froods)

Fuck it is true, I’ve done it myself.

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This is funny, it really is, because there’s such a grain of truth to it, and I think we all need to laugh at ourselves. But come on. Writers (and artists) are magicians of the highest order. From nothing, they make something, they make whole worlds appear. Writers deserve our respect and adoration, and FAN FIC writers - well honestly. They do it for free, from the goodness in their hearts, from the passion in their soul. All the love to the sorcerers of word and image.

And how DO you describe how your beloved smells? Unless you are a professional perfume maker, what language do you have at your command to describe them? I think once you get past clean or sweaty, musky, and delicious — what’s left? They smell like the toothpaste or detergent they use that smells unique on them. They smell like home. They smell like your dreams come true. Smell is such a primal, basic way we connect to the world, and yet unlike the Eskimo’s vocabulary to describe the many qualities of snow, we don’t have THAT many words to describe scent.

As a writer, I find that frustrating. Sometimes you can be wildly creative in describing something in your fic, and sometimes you gotta grab a cliche that fucking works and fucking move on, or the damn story is not going to get written.

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I skipped this the first two times I saw it on my dash, because ugh, more posts mocking fanfic writing? No thanks. But this commentary is spot-on. Yes, this. So much this.

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So initially I reblogged this because I thought it was funny - yes, we do all love to write these lines about scent and attraction, the smell of someone as your anchor and home. I find it a bit silly in that it’s done so often and with the same formula. But after seeing some of the comments that have been added I realized that I may have contributed to unkind comments about writers, and that was never my intention. I love it in the way we love all our tropes, even the cheesy or overused ones, because they’re our tropes. They are used with awareness and fondness. Personally, I find it very easy to mock, love, and use a trope all at the same time. They’re fun, that’s why we use them. They give us something we’re all craving. I didn’t realize that perhaps others do not feel the same way, or that reblogging it would cause a resurfacing of the anti-writer sentiment that sometimes goes ‘round. As a dear lover of all things fanfic and a sometimes writer myself, I hope it’s understood it was meant in fun.

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… and why is everyone wearing them??

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Benedict Cumberbatch Announces BAFTA NY Crowd Source Winner [x]

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If guys who are obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch are not collectively called Cumberjacks, then I don’t even know what to say.

*starts singing “I’m a Cumberjack and I’m OK. I sleep all night and I work all day!” *

*I’m crying*

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