Someday, it’s possible that I might not giggle every time Watson “ejaculates” in canon.

But today is not that day.

Let’s spend some time talking ‘bout Watson ejaculating, why don’t we?


mmm yes, lets!

"The most interesting thing about him is that Sherlock doesn’t buy for a second he’s as nice as he pretends to be. Sherlock theorizes that John is desperate to be the nicest, most amiable person possible, even if he does occasionally feel like shouting obscenities at the top of his lungs or, for example, overacting to having a book summarized at him. The effort John puts into being polite is just too staggering for the politeness to be anything but manufactured. Sherlock could never keep up such a painstakingly constructed façade for so long."


You’re the one that I miss
From last summer when I’d stolen a kiss
Hear the endless hiss
As it rolls into the starlight abyss
All my dreams reminisce
Never thought this time it’d be like this (x)


prez-doe asked: Hi, sorry for bother you, I just saw your Q cosplay and may I ask you where did you buy the glasses? They are the same glasses Q wears!



Hello! the fantastic Q cosplay is actually my friend Cecily- her tumblr is cousincecily I’m sure she would be happy to help you! 

Hello! They are the same glasses he wears, and they’re astonishingly affordable! They’re the Univo U5 glasses in black/clear from Buynewspecs.

I absolutely love my pair and I wear them all the time. :D

I want a pair! They were fabulous! 

Anonymous asked: Mini-Meta: I believe that Mary intended to tell John about her past the night he proposed to her. That's why she had a jump drive with everything about her past saved on it & why she was so fast to agree with John that she was the best thing to happened to him. But Sherlock came back from the dead and John reacted badly to what seemed to be good news, and she got scared that if John couldn't forgive his best friend for not being dead then he wouldn't be able to forgive her lying about her past.

yaknow, that’s not half bad right there.

"Kissing Sherlock felt like coming home after trudging through a blizzard, kicking the door closed behind him and turning the lock. Peace, warmth, and the familiar and comforting things. Home."

In the Brief Clasp of Your Hand by hyacinth_sky747 

221: Tan-lines


Snowbouquet prompted me with tan-lines  :)

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John’s years were measured in the changing colour of his skin. The rose-faced innocence of youth gave way to a mellow tan: skin put on display for those who cared to look. Plenty did as he struggled into the first bloom of adulthood, growing strong beneath their infatuated gaze.

Hours of study, trapped inside, bleached the flesh as it brightened the mind, but it was Afghanistan that left the boldest marks – manacles of brown as the memory of the war held him captive. They dragged him down, invisible iron that dogged him through London’s chill: a bitter reminder of all he had been.

Long sleeves and high collars charted their frontiers. Under fabric, he remained touched with honey, while time – one brief year at Sherlock’s side, three of absence, a wedding, a return and a divorce – wrote its tale on hands and face alike: weathered skin telling its own story.

Now, full lips traced along his collarbones, whispering adorations where tan bled away to a golden glow. A hot tongue lapped the sweetness from his skin, and a deep voice catalogued every tint. Sherlock narrated the stories left behind, and his swollen heart thrummed with joy.

Once, in the distant past, a lover had said his body was a masterpiece. Now, decades later and beneath Sherlock’s abundant praise, he believed it.

gave me chills :)




are people just spelling johnlock like j0hnl0ck so it doesnt go in the johnlock tag or is j0hnl0ck a new thing too

j0hnl0ck is johnlock but the o’s are sherlock’s mouth open extra wide for dick.  

ok good i’ll use that one then

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John : You realize this is a tiny bit embarrassing?
Sherlock : Then come home now.

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today feels like a ‘eat stale tortilla chips I found in the very back of my desk’ kind of day

"Sherlock smiles quickly, a tiny smile, not at all like the previous ones, no. This one has never been before. This is the first time it’s existed. He knows it with as much certainty as sunlight."

break through to the other side by whimsicalimages 


Martin Freeman discusses Fargo.

The reporter is just like ‘man, look at him go I don’t even have to say anything.’

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what do you mean this didn’t happen

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yes can we discuss this for a moment


he looks into the camera too

whoa satan slow down

the smile in the second gif though

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thescienceofobsession has made my morning, just fyi.

I’m kind of awesome like that.