Benedict Cumberbatch attends GREY GOOSE Pre-Oscar Party (x)

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Title: Good God What A Night That Was Artist: Tom Hiddleston 4,771 plays



Good God, What A Night That Was
Read by Tom Hiddleston

Good God, what a night that was,
The bed so soft, and how we clung,
Burning together, lying this way and that,
Our uncontrollable passions
Flowing through our mouths.
If I could only die that way,
I’d say goodbye to the business of living.

by Petronus

petronius darling, the name is petronius

catedevalois your weak spot might be will, but mine is the classics.

Erotic Roman poetry being by kryptonite

…please tell me he isn’t reading Catullus or Juvenal…

...I’ve listened to this 5 times already shall i stop now and reblog this

fishie stop


lying this way and that, THIS MAN WANTS US DEAD

I believe there will be one day when I click listen, will hear Hiddles reading poetry and boom… dead…

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you never know when the desire to draw Luna Lovegood is gonna hit you… but it’s useless to fight it.

This is perfect.

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Sue Vertue on filming Series 3 of Sherlock 

BBC Special, January 2014 [x]

Sherlock's a mammoth thing to make; I’m probably pleased that we don’t make it any more than every 18 months. It’s exhausting.

It’s a difficult show because it is just so big now. They’re 90 minutes, so they are films and I think that we’re trying to do everything that you would do in a film, but on a TV budget—albeit a big TV budget. So you’re just cramming everything in…

Benedict and Martin have hardly any days off at all. Because they’re in almost every scene; it’s very rare you have a whole lot of stuff they’re not in. So, I think—a lot of shows [the main actors] get a few days off, and here, you just don’t. So people do get tired. I mean today, we’re running around—there’s about four different [filming] units here. 

It’s hugely exciting to work on. The actors are lovely, and it seems to be getting easier and easier to work with them. 

I was watching something yesterday, and I was just welling up. And I think, quite a lot, in this series, I’ve just been watching them do something and I just… well up. And I don’t know if it’s pride, or… but they’re so good, that I just get very emotional about it. And so when I do it, I think, 'No, that works!' Because it made me cry. Or made me laugh. 

It’s the joy I have of watching them. They’re so good, I think, at doing their craft.

And they all love each other. Interestingly, when we were doing the wedding [episode]—because they were together for so long—you know, the wedding [filming] went on for like a week. But they’re all dressed up in their finery and sitting in marquees waiting… they’re just having a fantastic time! It was just like a week-long wedding.”

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Dan Stevens and Benedict Cumberbatch attends a Gala Screening of ‘The Guest’ at Soho Hotel on September 1, 2014 in London, England. (x)


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making my way downtown, walking fast, these jeans perfectly fit my big muscled thighs and i’m a hot dad

holy fuuuuck

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I think everybody was a bit surprised (and totally pleased!)

Congrats to team Sherlock for their Emmy wins!

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i’m just gonna let this night go to the dark RPF place i know some of you were thinkin about

see it’s not that weird, because i drew their wife/gf there

filming it

that makes it not weird

i’m just really excited about sherlock s3 okay

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Episode 27: Sexpisode 2 (Come Again)

In our second annual Sexpisode, we focus on some of the ways that sexuality can be expressed through participation in fandom. Show notes and direct download information are available HERE at  Or subscribe via RSS or via iTunes (search for threepatch).

NOTE: This episode is definitely NSFW!



[Art by the fantastically talented foxestacado]

I am so excited about this episode! SO MUCH FUN. If you’ve been thinking about giving TPP a try, start here! We’re not always so racy, but we’re always this fun. :)

My companion flushed up with pleasure at my words…I had already observed that he was as sensitive to flattery on the score of his art as any girl could be of her beauty.

John Watson, A Study in Scarlet (via beccalikescoffee)


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Blame manna for her porn spam and indyfalcon for her beautiful art

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Series 3 Sherlocks! The last of the new prints I’ll have at Ottawa Comiccon. Hope to see some of you there!

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I was browsing through some files on my computer and I found this little thingy I made for the Sherlock Fanbook and I realised that I’ve never posted it properly (except for some tease pic of the book itself).

It’s from my “old” days, when I had a thing for squiggly lines and only black and white drawings. The means of expression change, but my love for mess and insanity of the form in my works lasts forever, I guess ;)

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